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You’ve Done Devastating Havoc – Peter Kalu Writes George Weah Over Buhari’s Security Lecture

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A senior  Sun Newspaper Writer, Peter Agba Kalu has written to the President of Liberia, George Weah, following a security lecture delivered by Nigeria’s president, Mohammadu Buhari, described the invitation as ‘ devastating havoc’. Read below.

Dear George Weah,

I understand that our president one Major General Mohammed Buhari came to your country to honour an invitation centered on lecturing your Liberian people about “security”? No leader can do to his people more devastating havoc than what you have just done to your people.

First, Ajala the traveler as we use to call him is insecurity personified. You have just invited trouble upon your people. He has a bad omen that turns everything he touches into violence. That he even accepted that invitation will tell you how heartlessly shameless he is. Imagine a man whose house is on fire pursuing rats up and down.

Secondly, Bubu’s grandpa as we use to call him too to avoid Mark Zuckerberg’s hammer on our account as a result of his government’s deep penetration in muscling the freedom of information on social media, Do you remember they banned Twitter? Didn’t come to lecture you on insecurity, he rather ran away from insecurity at home.

While he was standing on your podium hypocritically reading what someone wrote that he did not only understand but didn’t believe in, the “holy” dogs of violence were at Zuma attacking one of the last major military checkpoints to the Nigerian seat of power. Yes! Just 23 miles from Nigerian Aso Rock these dogs of war were busy attacking their patron’s residences and offices.

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As you can see, he ran away from insecurity to come and lecture your Liberian people on security.
My soccer hero and the only African to have won the Ballon D’Or, in case you don’t know too, Buhari is from Kastina State in northern Nigeria. While Bubu was busy lecturing you on security 20 communities in Funtua in his Kastina LG were sacked by terrorists he renamed bandits. This resulted in 7,000 of his people becoming refugees and asylum seekers.

The level of insecurity in Nigeria under his rulership can only be compared to the state insecurity going on in Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. Your lecturer is part of a project to Islamize West Africa.

Finally, as one of the oldest independent states in Africa, you should stop inviting a dictator to come and lecture you on anything.

Sorry, l missed your call the last time I called back but you were busy. I hope your aide informed you?
Please when next you are a guest speaker from Nigeria l am a phone call away.

May God Almighty continue to bless the librarian people. May the insecurity omen that goes with the speaker not follow Liberian people.

Sincerely Yours
Peter Agba Kalu

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