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Youths celebrate DPO Garba for his patriotic stance in Anambra as Kanu showers praises

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Just when a majority of youths of Southern Nigeria extraction are registering displeasures over government clampdown on youths, security intimidation, killings, unemployment, lopsided appointment, and absence of infrastructural development, a DPO has won the heart of young ones.

The Police Officer of Fegge, Rabiu Garba has been celebrated regards his democratic style of carrying out duty within the command.

In a retrieved clip, the DPO was hosted for reasons widely considered as patriotic and democratic, his support to end, crime, suppression, intimidation, human rights abuses, and police brutality in Nigeria

We understand the Officer recently survived and waged an attack supposed to unleash in Fegge area command during the #endsars protest in the state.

The angry youths, according to gathered report, arrived at the station to set the building ablaze but halted the near raid immediately after Garba was sighted.

Before the calculated raid, other colleagues who predicted the attack steered clear leaving behind.

Fortunately, his presence subdued the angry people due to his good records in the neighborhood.

Speaking during the event, DPO Garba said it is people’s right and constitutional to demonstrate when feeling aggrieved or things are going wrong even if is against him.

He commended the protesters’ efforts to change the ugly situation in the country adding that the youths are tired and would not want to remain in the same story.

Garba restated that the duty of the uniform men is to protect the demonstrators and not make like more difficult.

Addressing the SARS issues, he expressed joy that none of the operatives is deployed to Fegge and necessarily not needed.

Conclusively, he warned that is better to live with what we have than to die, appealed to the community to always approach him, report when things are going bad and he will assist to engage appropriate authorities.

On his part, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has praised the resilience of the DPO, Rabiu Garba stated that the youth know the good police among them.

He called on other colleagues to borrow a leaf from the Divisional Police Officer, who built a borehole without any fundraising and turn a new life.

Noting further, the IPOB leader said he made the community his home, host football tournament, attends any church event being invited because he sees everyone as one.

His assignment in the village “had nothing to do with his tribe. It had nothing to do with his religion. He was just a model cop. God bless you officer” Kanu added. See post


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