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You Need Adequate Funding Before You Can Learn Coding In Nigeria – Virginus Alajekwu

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CEO Afobata – Virginus Alajekwu Chinagbaogu


“I want to be the greatest Digital Employment Provider in Nigeria,” Don Solace says as he revealed his plans to Digital and Affiliate Marketers in Nigeria and Africans at large.

He continued, “Nigeria has a lot of potentials; I want to be the greatest digital employment provider in Nigeria to leverage this potential. I am currently building a platform that can employ both Digital and Affiliate Marketers.

“I will not rest until I develop a platform that is capable of giving employment to millions of Nigerians and Africans” the Nigerian Computer Programmer and Owner of a Software Company named Afobata, Virginus Alajekwu Chinagbaogu revealed to Scanned News

Don Solace is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Afobata Co. Limited. Afobata is an E-commerce Company and Software Development Company established in 2019.

In an exclusive interview with the entrepreneur, he said “that seeing people suffer gives him concern noting people don’t suppose to be suffering in the 21st century because there are a lot of opportunities out there in the digital world”

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“People suffer because of a lack of information on how to be self-employed”, he added.

He continued “in Nigeria you don’t wait for people to employ you because you will end up waiting till eternity, leveraging the power of the internet is the solution.

“I have concern for people who wants to make it with tech. One of the easiest ways to make it in tech is doing what is called affiliate marketing, then if you have a digital skill, Digital marketing is the key. Affiliate marketing is simply selling people’s products and earning a commission.

“A lot of people chat with me daily for me to teach them a way to earn money without working for anybody and this was the exact thing that motivated me to build this platform and afterward I will create out time out of my busy schedule to lecture people on how to make.

“A lot of people seeing how far I have gone in tech want to be a programmer overnight, but I always tell them, it did not start today. It takes years of effort and dedication and they will have a gigantic challenge if they don’t have something to sustain them financially during the process of learning programming. I want to solve this problem first before I start mentoring people on computer programming.

“You cannot succeed in programming if you don’t have something else that is fetc fetching you money especially if you’re out of your parent’s house and you’re catering for yourself – Don Solace Added

“A lot of people have made it through Facebook content creation, YouTube vlogging, Google AdSense, etc. all are still part of Affiliate marketing but the platform am building will benefit people with digital skills and people who are ready to market people digital skills and products.

“The name of this platform will be unveiled later; I believe it will be a life-changing platform for tech people out there”.

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