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World Igbo Congress Backs Eastern Security Network, Give Reason

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The newly formed regional vigilante group, Eastern Security Network (ESN) gets the backing of the World Igbo Congress (WIC), described it as the only volunteer safety outfit in the Southeast.

Speaking via the group’s Public Relations Officer, Basil Onwukwe, WIC stressed that the reason was because security of southeast will not be left in the hands of Miyetti Allah in the North or their counterpart, Amotekun in the West.

“WIC supports Eastern Security Network because it is the only security outfit available to secure our hinterland like the Miyetti Allah is for the North, the Amatokun for the West”

The statement made available to scannews24 on Saturday stated that leaders from the region always what to abdicate responsibility and wish ESN fades away.

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WIC advised the Nigerian government to avoid provoking the volunteers who are harmless youths adding their only duty is to stop bandits from raping women and killing people.

The statement claimed concerning terror ongoing in the region has not attracted any solution or deterrent measures from both federal and state authorities.

WIC acknowledged criminals wreaking havoc in Southern communities live in the bushes as well cited an intelligent report by a US state department, through Anderson, noting that the Islamic extremists are expanding further into south-eastern states.

“WIC is ready to engage with any security outfit that is willing to secure Igboland to ensure the protection of life and property. The youths that are volunteering to secure our land can be reached peacefully for consultation not by force or act of destruction we must respect everyone’s rights to life,” Onwukwe said. Read all


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