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Women Can Never Be Nigeria’s President In Next 50Yrs – UK-Base Journalist

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Marginalization of women, mainly, at sensitive offices in Africa now gives women to conclude the later. Specifically, Nigeria is one of the African countries where women barely take upto 40% percent representation in public offices following last ministerial nominees President Mohammadu Buhari sent to National Assembly for ratification and confirmation.

The issue of woman Manning the President’s office, in the heart of some women, seems not to be achievable in nearest future except ountries like Germany, England, Denmark, Slovakia and Liberia that lived the dream.

Since Nigeria clinched to independence in 1960, sign of woman becoming a President appears to be dream to never wished.

A Twitter client, [youngotutu], a London-based Nigerian journalist, identified has crossed the line in reality, said that a woman can never become the president of Nigeria.

In his post, Otutu noted that such can’t happen at least in the next fifty years to come regards to hindrance religion and traditions can effect.

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He said a woman gunning for the seat of president in the country might win votes from states in the south, she will never be supported in the north solely because of beliefs that women are not meant to lead and worse because most men believe a woman belongs in the kitchen and ‘the other room’.

His tweet:

A close response, in what seems like suggestion, and debate, agreed to his opinion while others decline. One, Uche, in compliance, requested Otutu change the figure to 5000 years.

His tweet:

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