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Woman begs after insulting Man during proposal, see why

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A birthday surprise went horribly wrong. When bae cut the cake and saw the iPhone box .. she burst in to tears and hug boo,kissed him and said “nothing in the world will ever stop me from loving you”.

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When she finally opened the box and found out that it wasn’t an iPhone as she expected but an ordinary apple, she started raining insuIts and curses on him “stupid idiot,ugly fool i don’t even know how I started with you in the first place, I should’ve dated ‘him’ instead of you, am done with u”. Out of anger and disappointment, she then threw the box at him. And to her surprise, an engagement ring and a car key dropped from the box.

Question: Would you accept her back if u were the boy?

Ladies, how will you handle this?

© Abubakar Usman

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