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Why women should not shave pubic hair – Expert warns 

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Dr. Jen Gunter, who is a gynecologist, has a rollout warning, advising the female folds against trimming or shaving their pubic hair.

The Expert, who is known for his top-selling book, The Vagina Bible, cautioned women against waxing or cutting their hair, because, based on him, it can result in “microscopic trauma” that can give room for infections.

The gynecologist explained the hair is essential to preserve the skin by functioning as a fence against the outside world and that shaving may also lessen s3xual pleasure.

He acknowledged “Hygiene” is the most common motive women trim their hair.

“Waxing, shaving, or ‘sugaring’ – mixing sugar, lemon juice, and water to create a wax-like gel – may do more harm than good,” Dr. Gunter warned via BBC.

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She further noted “You are causing microscopic trauma to the skin,”

“Pubic hair has a function, it is probably a mechanical barrier and protection for the skin,”

“It may also have a role in s3xual functioning because each pubic hair is attached to a nerve ending, that’s why it hurts to remove it.”

Dr. Gunter urged those who would love to continue having their pubic shaved to always consider using a clean razor and maintain shave in the direction of the hair.

She lamented that going “against the grain” heightens the risk of ingrown hairs, which is prone to infection.

However, she added that individuals opting for a wax, according to her, must guarantee the technician does not “double-dip” the wooden sticks used.

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