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Why Prefix ”Umu’ changed to ‘Rumu’ after civil war against Igbos – Ndoni elder (Video)

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Residents of Nduni in Rivers State have explained why some prefixes of native words were changed to suit the review claiming they are not part of Igbo.

In a retrieved Video shared online, two noble kinsmen shed light on the historic controversy linking Igbo people with Rivers.

One of them whose identified himself as Ikechukwu Ahamefuna, stated that before the war most areas in Port-Harcourt were identified with prefixes like Umuokoro and Umuobasi.

Surprisingly, immediately after the Nigerian civil war of 1967-70, all the names with similar initials were changed to -Rumu’. This was because of unresolved disagreement between Igbo people before the war then felt cheated in the course of the triggered war.

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Some people within the Igbos were segregated in order to be favoured by the federal government just after the war.

However, The Ndoni part of the Rivers State did not make any change to their names, and still keep same traditional cultures like dancing of masquerade, Yam festival with Anambra, Imo States, he noted.

He said those denying their ancestral line are not being truthful to themselves mainly those having Igbo First and Surname in their names.

They continued, that most part of Delta still maintain four market days routine as traditionally observed across Igboland and as well naming their young ones too, as seen Delta North where the name of the King is Obi. Watch Video

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