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Why Malawian Parents chose Igbo name, ‘IFEOMA’ for their Baptizing Daughter

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Malawian parents have set the media space blazing to had chose the Igbo name, Ifeoma for Daughter during Baptism.

According to Kelvin Ugwu who narrated the naming event, said he conducted the Baptismal ceremony in his Church during one of his outstations.

The Nigerian name from the Igbo extraction literally means ‘something good or beautiful, and traditionally given to the female child within the South East region.

Ugwu pointed out that when he received the kid and requested for her name, biological parents who are Malawians, declared to call her ‘Ifeoma’.

The priest, being disturbed over the incident, pressed to know why they chose a name from a foreign dialect and he was told “they love the name”

The parents explained that the name is often called by the man of God, which is the name of his younger sister, and they decided to name their baby after the lady.

“They told me that they love the name. They have heard me talk about my younger sister who is Ifeoma. They decided to name their daughter after her. He noted.

Ugwu said he expressed joy to hear such good news, so he went on to baptize the child praying that everything good and beautiful follow her.

However, this goes to indicate how foreigners embrace foreign dialects from Nigeria not minding diversity, culture, distance.

Malawi is a multilingual country but has British English as their official language use by 57% of the population. A child of fourteen is expected to fluently use English to communicate.

The country has other basic languages spoken as their native language, they include Chewa, Yao, Tonga, Sena, and Elomwe.

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