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Why Jittery Over Party With No Structure? – Richmond Takes Tinubu, Atiku To Clinic

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By Richmond Amadi


Time to start asking the Nigerian leading and ‘senior’ opposition parties (All Progressive Congress, APC, and People’s Democratic Parties, PDP) some questions relating to their recent body language towards the 2023 election and the third force, Labour Party.

It disturbs me a lot to see daily headlines of the newspaper and media posts, majorly of the aforementioned parties trying so hard to put LP in bad light instead of focusing on delivering their promises to edge them on the coming campaign.

If I were to be a member of the leading political party, APC and in next year’s race I would start raising some questions to myself, like “having failed to deliver promises to reduce the price of food, inflation, stabilize electricity within three months, stop insecurity, what will I tell the people”

Is it that the political leaders lack a sense of remorse, guilt, etc that they would fail on their promises and still feel comfortable, steering the citizens in the eyes to make yet another promise?

Why would PDP and APC members suddenly team up against LP, Peter Obi and the Obidient Movement having acknowledged the party has no structure?

The best reaction towards an irrelevant person(s) is not to waste resourceful time over the existence knowing the incumbent inconsequential tendency.

I wonder how suddenly, Obi who has been severally praised, acknowledged, and attested to be suitable for the exalted political position as the presidential office by notable critics like Reno Omokri, Adeyanju Deji, and many others regarding his political, academic, and business records would be the daily subject of ‘bad and corrupt leader’.

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Known for his regular philosophy and slogan, “go and verify’ Peter Obi has on different occasions responded to accusations and addressed gray issues attributed to him since his presence in politics. He has granted many live interviews to prove his ability, responsiveness, and readiness to be the type of leader young Nigerians want in the next phase of the country’s political life.

Hence, both the presidential candidates of the leading and opposition parties are yet to respond to suspicious activity accredited in the public record.

Yet, why are the candidates – Atiku Abubakar and Ahmed Tinubu – avoiding live interviews or media chat? Why have both formed media phobia?

Well, two times tenures of President Mohammadu Buhari have left behind the bitter experience and it is extremely wrong to allow a repeat of it.

The master plan remains to make Nigeria the leading economy in Africa and setting a pace for global standards. Looking behind the years of Buhari and the rest of the others, together a lot of resources have been misused and further led backward. Peter Obi has displayed competence with verifiable records and deserved to be given a chance to reclaim Nigeria from failure.

Obidient defines a number of votable Nigerians who believe with their PVC and working electoral system, Nigeria can work again and hence put their trust and resources in a verified candidate to achieve the aim.

The era of rigging, vote buying, ballot snatching, intimidation, lies to office, winner takes it all, godfatherism, etc should see its extinction in 2023 and 70% of willing youths and aged Nigerians are ready to give them and patronizers a befitting burial.


Richmond Amadi – Independent writer


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