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Who gave NATO right to kill Gadhafi? – Angry Putin asked (video)

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A previous clip that reveals Russian President Vladimir Putin angrily challenging and condemning North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) for raiding Libya and slaying its leader Muammar Gadhafi has appeared.

Gadhafi and Putin

Putin who was then his nation’s Prime Minister to President Dmitry Medvedev talked in Denmark and didn’t mince words in lashing out at America, France, and other NATO member countries for cruelty in opposition to humanity, destroying very important national property built by generations in addition to breaching international security.

“The coalition is destroying Gadhafi who isn’t their goal, then why bomb his palaces? Putin questioned.

He continued “Now some officials claim they’re eliminating him was in fact their goal.

“Who gave them that right?

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Returning to the no-flight zone, the bombing is destroying the country’s entire infrastructure

“When the so-called civilized world uses all its military power towards the small nation destroying what has been made by generations, I don’t know if that’s good,” Putin stated back in 2011.

Apparently, now that he’s the President of Russia and has deployed his army to invade Ukraine where the bombing of national belongings, the killing of soldiers and civilians have been nonstop since Thursday, February 24, the old video has gone viral on the media space as it surfaced.

The tape that’s at the moment in circulation online shows double standards on the part of both Putin and NATO and its members who’re condemning him now for doing the same thing they did conveniently a decade in the past.

The original video was published by pro-government news outlet RT News on YouTube.

After it has been dug out, the footage has stimulated quite a few reactions, with many individuals, while criticizing Putin’s wrong towards its neighbour Ukraine, saying NATO and its member countries have lost the moral right to vilify Russia now.

NATO is an army alliance founded by the North Atlantic Treaty (additionally known as the Washington Treaty) of April 4, 1949, which strived to cultivate a balance to Soviet armies assigned in central and eastern Europe after World War II. Video

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