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Which London Medical Miracle Transformed 76-yr-old Buhari To Vibrant 40-yr-Old Man – Nnamdi Kanu

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has expressed worry over sudden transformation which he claimed had occurred on President Mohammadu Buhari.

Expressing on his Facebook page Saturday, Kanu wondered sort of Medical miracle from London that was conducted on the president that would make him younger than his age.

Analysing further, he said even same Queen Elizabeth II who is as aged as Buhari, could not be cured with a medical miracle.

He said it appeared so funny how a group he described as “cattle herding illiterate Fulani terrorists” will be controlling people of South, who, according to him, are more educated.

In his words: “Which London medical miracle transformed a certified brain dead 76-84 year old Buhari to a vibrant 40 year man when Her Imperial Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who is the owner of Nigeria and without doubt one of the richest rulers on earth, living in the same London, cannot get the same age-defying miracle cure from her own English doctors that attended to Buhari??? Amazing isn’t it!”

“Funny how cattle herding illiterate Fulani terrorists are messing with the brains of everybody especially the supposed academically gifted south. Welcome to the ZOO. Inability to reason is indeed a curse. Of what use is the brain of a Black African when they hardly make use of it?”

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