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What shame had this idiot called Buhari has not brought on all of us? – Asari Explodes

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Former militant leader, Asari Dokubu had reacted to some national issues, including the recent attack on Aisha Buhari by some persons in Aso Rock, President Mohammadu Buhari’s integrity regards to delivering his campaign promises.

The former MEND leader disclosed this in a video message published on his Facebook age Friday, said the President’s team are liars.

He also clarified statement credited to him on minister of Niger Delta, Godwill Akpabio, said Buhari must be probed, whether now or later.

His statement reads in part: “These Buhari Deans are the most despicable people on the surface of the earth. Whenever they want to divert the attention of the people, they start with a lie. A fat big lie.

“They know that Buhari is a liar, a thief, a devil from the pit of hell. A man who promised so much and has given nothing.

Not only that, they talk about integrity, if there is anyone that has integrity in this world (chucks), is certainly not somebody like Buhari.

“Buhari that have a divulgenat family, where the first lady will be called a mad woman by members of the family? Where the video would be shared in the world, in the world wide net? Where she is raging and shouting and a small girl will come on a BBC and said she is a mad woman and she wanted to attack them? What shame had this idiot called Buhari has not brought on all of us?

That human being will associate themselves with somebody that called himself Buhari? Is so disgusting. That human being will look at us, will look at all of us and associate themselves with this thing called Buhari? That I said that eehh Apkabio is exposing his brothers. Where, when?

All this… All the suffering and massive looting that Buhari is carrying out will surely be brought to justice, he surely be brought to justice on this earth.

Whether is the fake one or the one… Wherever he is , he will surely be brought to justice. That living human being will be talking of Buhari, Buhari (with loud voice)?

Listen to rest of the message on video below:

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