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What Is Next For Obidients If Peter Obi Fails? (Must Read)

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From all indications, supporters of the third-force political party, the Labour Party (LP) are meticulously believing and trusting that their candidate would emerge as the next president of Nigeria.

understandably, a good percent of the supporters – ‘Obidients’, is throwing weight behind Peter Obi and his running mate, Yusuf Datti without coercion or incentive. This could be linked to the high rate of disturbing and unabated insecurity ravaging major parts of Nigeria and so many other life-challenging factors.

Various reports indicate average Nigerian within the lower class, can hardly cover daily three square meals regarding the continued upward shift of food prices, inflation, and largely, poor economic policy.

Consequently, what could be the next action of the increasing number of Obi’s supporters if the LP candidate failed to secure the Nation’s number one office?

One, who has understudied the political system of Nigeria to previous elections, would come to terms with the structural dynamism of Nigeria’s politics since independence.

Pointedly, the disappointing polls that recorded the death of MKO Abiola, who stood out to be people’s choice but was denied the crystal opportunity.

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Similarly, the 2015 election saw ex-president Goodluck Jonathan as then the favourable candidate, by his support-base hence did not succeed in the race.

Another, was the 2019 election that presented Atiku Abubakar under the People’s Democratic Party featured Peter Obi, who notably could not breakthrough despite legal efforts.

However, considering some changes within the electoral act which may be taken as excuses to the disappointment of the then contestants – approval of Electronic Transmission of Election Results, etc it appears the coming polls, particularly the presidential election will be different.

Yes, according to checks, the newly elected President of Kenya, Ruto came to the limelight with an entirely new party and structure, can this be replicated in Nigeria?

What is the political Octopus saying?

The candidate of the All Progressive of Congress, Ahmed Tinubu affirmed his readiness to ‘fight dirty’, mocked and referred Labour Party as one ‘without structure’ and her members to labour without success. Obi’s counterpart, the flagbearer of PDP, Atiku Abubakar is also putting on high hope with a laid structure and supporters that oversaw the affairs of the country’s governance, for sixteen years.

Thought is wise to note that Obideints be ready to accept anyone from both parties that could emerge as Nigeria’s president in 20023 and be ready to move on in order not to create issues.

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