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What I will do if left alone with Buhari, Nigerians reacts

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Scannews 24 question goes wired today as Nigerians explodes in anger, poured out their minds to a question ‘if you are locked up with Buhari in one room, what exactly will you do?’

Majority who responded to the question did not appear to be happy with the President while few chose to say nothing but until they meet with him.

SCANNEWS 24 had created platform for the general public to say of their mind on question ‘IF YOU’RE LEFT ALONE IN A ROOM WITH BUHARI, WHAT EXACTLY WILL YOU DO?’ and many sounded bizarre.

While many wished for the opportunity to avail to enable them treat him like an egg others said they will plead with him to divide Nigeria.

Comments below were extraction from majority of responses on our post published on Sunday:

Asiegbu Agwu Nkpa: Size up his mental and psychological stability for coherence.

Vincent Obi: This man in this picture not buhari

Nkem Ogbonna Okoro buhari died long ago so talk about jubiri

Ikemefuna Egbeagu: Only God knows what I will do to him (jubril)

Prince Chiboss Smith: Oh boy when are you going to lock me and him in a room, please oooo I can’t wait to do aw………!!!🙄🙄

Chinemerem Nwanwara: Decap him & confirm the Jibril in him.

James Ikurior: Zoo on zoo!
Foolish questions!!!

Elvin Aris: To Crat Make him divide the country and sell Nigeria

Kabir Y Kabir: I will take care of him just like an egg.

Deking Albert: I will give him An apple to eat

Felemou Moussa: JUST PASSING😡

Lucas Nwabuwa: I will make sure He signs contract of 300million dollars for me with an oil licence

Chukwuemeka Sunday Biafran: I will save the country by sending him to his anccentor.

Ikeaja Ebuka: I will slap him

Goldman Osita Nnaemeka: I will ask him his real name

Vincent Michael: Abduct him for a long time

William Ndubuaku: Hey,let me not say anything

Jiwueze Stephenson: Kill him immediately no time to check time

Fiziks Mac: See as all of una dey run mouths like tap. Use your data on something reasonable my friend

Ikechukwu Agbo: Strangle that animal

Akakanma Ability: Chop him like pepper soup


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