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What happens to other Biafrans if I’m forced to go with 5 states – Nnamdi Kanu asks, lists states

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IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu expressed worries over believed coercion on him to settle with states for the long agitated Biafra sovereign state.

Kanu, on Friday, posted a disturbing question to the public seek to know what becomes the fate of other Igbo Indigenous people shared into different neighbouring areas to South East.

The states Benue, Edo, Cross River, Rivers, Bayelsa Kogi and Delta states respectively.

“If I’m compelled to accept the 5 Igbo states (SE) as Biafra, what will be the fate of indigenous Igbo people gerrymandered into other states?

He as well had responded to a statement remarked by President Mohammadu Buhari on Thursday when addressing continued security issues and calls for separation in the country.

During an interactive session with AriseTv Buhari had described five eastern states as a ‘dot in a circle’ adding that the agitators under the aegis of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have no access to anywhere.

The Commander of ESN, Kanu said just as planet earth is tiny in the galaxy among other planets also how Biafra will soon be great among the comity of nations.

Buhari’s remark has since stirred worries, noting the statement is a call for war against the embattled Igbo people.

Nigerians advised the president to deploy soldiers to other parts of the country experiencing similar safety troubles like Southern states.



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