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Western leaders are hypocritical on Biafra, says Ralph Uwazuruike 

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The originator of the Biafra Independence Movement, BIM, and Movement for Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASOB, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has condemned Western leaders, together with Britain and the United States of America, of being two-faced on the problem of Biafran freedom.

Uwazuruike, in a statement additionally urged to understand from the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, UNPO, Secretary-General, Ralph Bunche, why the African case totally different.

He requested this query whereas conveying a speech through the virtual plenary of the African Union, AU, Chapter of UNPO, as a consequence of travel condition occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his words: “Many countries in Europe and America were granted independent status on yearly bases but when it comes to Africa, they will say we would remain one country. I do not know why should we remain one in the face of palpable injustices.”

It was his thought-about opinion that “the case of Biafra is different because the name Biafra is popular and had existed for three years as a state, more than so many sovereign countries in the world today”.

According to BIM leader, nobody will confidently tell that she or he has not learned of Biafra and the way Biafrans have been and are still being slain on everyday bases by the Nigerian forces and government-sponsored militias.

Chief Uwazuruike yearned to understand the special {qualifications} of all of the countries that attained membership of the United Nations, without even agitating for it.

“What did they do or are doing that we don’t know? What were the criteria for the success of their goal”, Uwazuruike queried the UNPO Secretary-general?

He indicated surprise that nations from America and Europe are being enrolled in the United Nations as member states, and you wouldn’t know till World Cup or International Olympic Games.

“It is only then that you will see countless of new countries, and begin to wonder when they became independent nations. The most annoying part of it is that none of these new countries will come from Africa, because foreign powers want to maintain their interest in Africa” Uwazuruike stated.

Rendering citation to Southern Cameroon, the Amazonians, the Biafrans, and different peoples in Africa which might be in search of self-determination, Uwazuruike stated “they are not being considered by the world body for independence and sovereignty, but instead, the foreign powers, especially Britain will back African heads of state to kill and suppress the right of the indigenous people”.

Uwazuruike clarified that it was due to the actuality of Biafran independence that he joined UNPO, adding that “if they cannot help me achieve our sovereign status, then they are of no use to me”.

His words: “We have to tell ourselves the truth. Africans are being marginalized in the affairs of international politics. Africans are killed for asking for independence but Americans and Europeans are given independent status to ethnic nationalities with smaller populations, even when they didn’t ask for it.

“East Timor with a population of about 823,000 people separated from Indonesia in May 2002. Serbia and Montenegro during a world cup match in 2006 also parted ways. Also in 2008, Kosovo of less than 10 million people became an independent state from Serbia. South Sudan separated from Sudan on July 9, 2011, among other nations.”

He condemned the western nations of “taking our crude oil, tell us how much they will buy it and after refining it, they will still tell us how much to buy it and I don’t what else anybody will call injustice”.

Chief Uwazuruike pledged to the African Union that, Africans should get independent states the way in which different countries in Europe and America obtained theirs, noting that the United Nations should be honest of their approaches and share whatever they’re doing by continents.

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