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Welcome to my country Nigeria where propaganda pays more than facts

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It’s no longer news that fight against insurgency in Nigeria is still going on and we still lost lives each day.

I thank the military and their courage in standing firm and making sure the war against this insurgency is been defeated but I want to point out some lapses by the military and the federal government.

Each time the military wants to take the fight to the camp of the militias (boko-haram) before you know it it’s already on the news or after bombardment you will hear it on the media (which country does that) the militias (boko-haram) do get the information before the lead troops, who is to blame?

I said again welcome to my country where propaganda pays more than facts. the government is not helping matters they believe in propaganda more than facts the other day was Zabamar where 43 farmers were slaughtered like goats.

Just this past week 333 school children were kidnapped by unknown gunmen and all the federal government could do was come out and condemn it without putting it into action.

Sending a federal government delegation led by NSA to katsina state to condole with the victims is not enough. Coming out every time to condemn the killings of Nigerians every time dey are been killed or massacred by militias (boko-haram) is not enough, all that Nigerians need is action.

Action to defeat different militias group (boko-haram) is the number one reason Nigerians voted for this APC-led federal government, the Masses did not vote for the president to condemn killings but to save lives and property.

Welcome to my country Nigeria where the government pays for propaganda than accept the facts.

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