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We Can’t pretend anymore, people are suffering, hungry, shutdown NASS – Senator (Video)

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Nigeria’s challenges now trigger an emotional reaction and a Senator could not cease tears rolling out his eyes while reacting to increasing security issues in the country.

A retrieved video by #Scannews24 indicates the Lawmaker, representing Kogi West Smart Adeyemi on Tuesday bitterly submitting regards escalating insecurity across Nigerian states, urged to shut the House.

Adeyemi noted the safety issues have gotten to a height no legislature or Nigerian will sleep with two eyes closed.

He urged President Mohammadu Buhari to rise to the need of providing basic security to citizens, adding that no one is no longer safe including kids, youths, and parents.

He submitted that the country’s security system has collapsed and needs external assistance to help fight insurgents and marauding bandits killing and kidnapping at will.

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He advised the House to do away with ego and consider hiring foreign support or risk the country wallow in serious problems.

Finding it difficult to hold up rolling out tears, the senator bitterly noted no one could travel safely 50 kilometers like the old time when everyone could travel to any part of the country without fear of anything.

He keenly warned and called on the President to understand the period is an extremely bad time for the nation and must rise up.

He finally suggested shutting down the National Assembly if the security challenges cannot be resolved.

“No need pretending over it. Everyone is hungry. People are suffering. Every day Nigerians are dying and we must rise up to the occasion. Adeyemi said.

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