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We Biafrans Must Defend Our Selves, Enough is Enough – Nnamdi Kanu

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the embattled Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has expressed shock and blamed media for distortion of information after security operatives attacked members yesterday in Enugu State.

Kanu, who was reacting bitterly with tweets on his handle (@mazinnamdikanu) on Monday referred Nigerian journalists as “lazy, evil & wicked” to had tagged an “unprovoked attack” as ‘Clash’.

The IPOB leader also accused the United Kingdom and the United States diplomats in Nigeria of giving ‘tacit approval’ to Muslims to achieve their ongoing ‘extermination’ of “Judeo-Christian Biafrans”.

He wondered why Amotekun, Miyetti Allah, Herdsmen Bandits, and Ansaru Brigade will be armed and operate freely while peacefully gathering IPOB members get killed by ‘POLICE, DSS, ARMY, AIR FORCE’.

Kanu, however, said that both Nigeria Army and Police should be regarded as ‘terrorists’ since they only exercise their strength on ‘Biafrans’ adding that force is worse than Boko Haram terrorists including ISWAP.

His statement read: “Oduduwa Amotekun are armed, Fulani Miyetti Allah are armed, Fulani terror herdsmen are armed, Fulani funded Bandits are armed, Fulani Ansaru Brigade are armed.

“They all gather in public without any military or police interference but as soon as Biafran youths congregate in any location to pray, every Nigerian military formation including POLICE, DSS, ARMY, AIR FORCE stationed in the vicinity will descend on them and start firing indiscriminately with the intention of killing as many innocent souls as possible because IPOB is an unarmed peaceful movement.

“Most shocking of all is that lazy, evil & wicked Nigerian journalists will refer to such unprovoked attack as a CLASH. Little wonder the world see and depict Satan as a black African man.

“Such mind-boggling journalism coupled with the silence of UK & US diplomatic missions to Nigeria is proof that this ongoing Muslim extermination of Judeo-Christian Biafrans has the tacit approval of both countries.

“Nigerian Army & Police must be seen and regarded as terrorist groups because when it comes to killing Biafrans, they are definitely worse than Boko Haram and ISWAP put together.

“The world has lost its conscience. We Biafrans MUST defend our lives. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

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