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Watch Wide Jubilation in Guinea After Coup By Junior Soldiers (Video)

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Wide jubilation in Guinea capital, Conakry and other states following report of leadership topple by the military.

Earlier on Sunday reports said the country’s aged President, Alpha Conde was apprehended by a set of junior troops said to be a coup.

The soldiers announced the suspension of the constitution after taking over the control of the government.

A follow-up video indicated the military’s Colonel, Mamady Doumbouya said the National Assembly was subsequently dissolved.

Sighted clips also show the toppled President, Conde held in a vehicle and later taken away.

Residents said to witness hours of gunfire battle within the capital and routes leading through land and sea were also shut in the interim.

Mr. Doumbouya in the video speech said Mr. Conde’s government witnessed widespread corruption and poverty giving concern for the takeover.

as key reasons for the takeover, saying Mr. Conde had failed to deliver on his promises to Guinea people.

The failed 83 years old Conde in October this year won a third term of office. Continental body AU is yet brief the public regarding the development.

Motorists and bikers are currently running towns, children, parents are jumping on streets celebrating over the development, sighted video indicted. Video



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