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[Watch] Nnamdi Kanu on 10-day ‘diplomatic offensive’ to Washington DC

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), said to be holding series of meetings in the United States of America with the deputy, despite the demise of his mother, Sally Nmeme Okwu-Kanu, who died 30 August 2019.

In what it described as ‘diplomatic offensive’ on his Facebook page Thursday, the IPOB media front, Emeka Gift, said Kanu, and his Deputy, Uche Mefor has been on 10 days trips to Washington DC.

Kanu had earlier held interactive moments with Voice of America during their trip, and still holding more meetings regards to Biafra restoration.

Emeka encouraged both supporters, and IPOB members to keep their spirits high as their leader, Kanu, has promised to restore Biafra with anything within his power.

See Video:

IPOB diplomatic offensiveThis is 10 days of our leader and his deputy in Washington, we shall keep updating but…

Опубликовано Emeka Gift Среда, 30 октября 2019 г.


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