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Watch as Sylvester cry helplessly before death in surfaced footage (Video)

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The shocking death of young Delta State-born Sylvester Oromini has become the talking topic on and off social media pressing for justice served promptly.

A surfaced clip has indicated how the deceased student of Dowen College suffered helplessly before doctors and loved ones before breathing last.

The real details on what led to the demise of the underaged boy remain sketchy to the public but there has been pressing protest by Nigerians calling on Police to fish out culprits behind the death.

The father of the dead has made some allegations that his son was brutalized by five students (in SS2 and SS1 respectively) of the Down College. The deceased as well cleared before death that he never participated in football play and did not accidentally fall.

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He further stated the culprits are being withdrawn from the college and prepared to be flown around.

The sighted clip shows how severely Sylvester tried to absorb pains and struggled to walk on his own. To a point, he was carried by a family member, while he cried all through, shedding tears.

By indications, the boy appeared like one who sustained an internal sharp injury. However, medical reported he suffered internal bleeding and enlarged liver caused by a series of kicking, several matches on the waist.



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