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Watch as Police burst Fulani One-Chance Syndicates with armed vehicle

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The Nigerian Police paraded suspected Fulani One-Chance syndicate dislodged a secret dashboard where arms are loaded for operations.

The disturbing video obtained by SCANNEWS24 which has gone viral on social media showed police personnel taking records of how One-Chance road operators hide their guns away from security agents.

One of the culprits disclosed a pigeon-hole within a vehicle dashboard, carefully loaded a number of AK47 rifles and cover it.

Though, the station and name of the operators were not ascertained going by reports provided to our Social Media/iReport source.



The video was received from a social media source as part of our daily gossip/trend reports.

Most of our gossip contents may not always have complete data relating to location, name of the witness, source due to security reasons.

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