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Watch as passengers survived from over 50ft pit accident

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God, who takes adoration and glory in all things takes kingship and dominion in a tragic accident involving over six passengers on a bus.

In viral video retrieved by SCANNEWS24 captured troubling scenes of a bus, probably lost direction into a pit of over 50 feet.

Though the three minutes video obtained by our Gossip Editor, could not cover enough details on how the bus fell into the pit however, residents of the community were quick to rescue all persons, including a baby, trapped in the vehicle.

According to an eyewitness who narrated behind scene noted that the victims were lucky it was not a rainy day.

She revealed that the force of water towards the pit channel during rainy days caused heinous damage to the area and government presence is yet to be noticed.

The location and state of the incident were not ascertained as at the time of compilation regarding poor details available with us.

We can authoritatively report that the tragic event must have happened in any of the states of the South East region following Igbo dialect used by the rescuers.

We, however, urged the appropriate agency in charge to investigate and consider to avert looming danger in any of these five states.


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