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Watch as man played court into being paralyzed but caught on camera healthy (video)

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A shocking clip has surfaced on social media displaying yet to be identified man played into believing he was deeply indisposed to face court query.

The man, who was seen with bandage, crutches, and others claims to be suffering from spinal cord injury due to a purported accident.

In an over two minutes footage sighted by #Scannews24, he was spied in a hotel apartment appearing physically strong and healthy, attaining to brief errands in his room including bending to charge a phone, applying cream, etc.

In another scene, he was drooped from a medical ambulance adjusting to hang on crushes as his cronies assisted to lift him off the vehicle. He appeared physically disfigured, could barely pace up to walk.

He was lifted to a courtroom through stairs where the criminal case was held. We gathered the man was supposed to attest in a criminal case he’s serving a witness.

In a later scene, he was spotted being helped back to his hotel room immediately after he regained his health. He was again walking around freely and effortlessly and later engage in prayer with his supporters.

Now, he was seen pending to nod head according to Islamic prayer several times without nursing any form of pains or difficulty to attain to minor activities.

This has since sparked reactions online amongst Nigerians indicating how deeply corrupt the country has attained.

The event that always comes to mind while watching this clip was the incident at the national assembly months back where a certain public officer urged to “off the mic”.



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