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Watch as man is banished from community in Abia (Video) 

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Revealing footage made available to #Scannews24 has indicated moment a community banished man and his wife for committing a crime regarded appeared to be against the village custom and tradition.

The man, Obioma, according to reports, was accused of killing his brother, Professor Chukwe Ubani, in Obohia Isuchi, Abia State.

The couple will neither set foot into the land and transact business in the community for the rest of twenty years.

The judgment which by far has different content with the present-day system of looking into crime has since raised questions among Nigerians particularly some members of the village.

The disturbing question remains if this system is being practiced in our communities? Is it a fair measure to ascertain or find out one behind the crime of pass judgment? Does it in anyways permit or allow the accused to defend or appeal for a fair hearing? And if banishment is preferred to the modern legal system?

Mr. Obioma was worn all over his body a Tender Palm Fronds generally called in Igbo dialect, Omu Ngwo, and accompanied peacefully off the community.

The Obohia Family Union led by the President and other executive members maintained not aggrieved family inflicts hands on the accused while they escort him out and never return for 20 years.


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