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Watch as man comfortably walks on eggs and no one break (video)

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An egg vendor has left commenters in shocks after stepping on crates of eggs leaving no broke.

Even though not scientifically proven, Facebook clients disapproves a clarification put down by on eof the readers, noting is a mathematical understanding that weights of the eggs are evenly distributed reducing the pressure on each egg.

While a majority still believe the trending clip is edited to suit a narrative, hence several persons acknowledged that it is possible.

The retrieved footage indicates the distributed walk-on set of eggs in crates while loading in a van.

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A client who attempted the make further clarification said it is possible. Lukman Mudashiro put that two eggs can not be broken if placed in between two palms. No matter the amount of pressure exerting on the egg it will not break.

Jokingly, many felt motivated to use their neighbour’s eggs on sale for a try.

In whichever way, we advised not to try this at home mainly when the items in use belong to another person. Hopefully, carrying out research will be a good way to start by visiting designated centers like poultry for first-hand experience.


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