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Watch as Daily Manna falls from Heaven for poor community (Video)

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A poor community in Angola has expressed joy as a strange white-Bread-like item falls from heaven to alleviate the level of poverty experienced by the inhabitants.

A report by the country’s media revealed after touring the community that the eatable item regarded as Manna has been falling since 1945.

The findings noted that sometimes in 2010 the daily raining of the Manner stopped following the demolition of a Christian Mission edifice situated in the village and later restored after the building was raised back.

This has since been attracting tourists from different parts of the world particularly Africa to witness the daily fall of Manna how God is saving poor people in the area.

Some of the visitors who confessed to the strange food item said it tasting sweet like honey and different brilliant items but can not specifically point what it exactly tastes like.

The manna reportedly falls every Wednesday and Friday in the Southern part of Angola where villagers experience poor harvest.

Historically, the falling began when the people were thrown into famine and there was no food then they started to pray and fast to God. That was under the watch of late Pastor Seke Seke, the then Director of the mission station. After three days of consistent prayer, Manna descended from above and was discovered by a little girl.

However, the girl noted that two men she spotted earlier when she picked the Manna disappeared, since then it has become food to the people.

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