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Watch as Aboki Scavenger Wrecks Village, stole Fowl, Bag of Rice, Goat (Video)

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Heart-wrenching moment community members, passersby apprehended believed Aboki Scavenger with food items suspected to have been picked from people’s homes.

The young man appeared to be in his early thirties packed in a loaded ‘local truck’ (a constructed movable object used to mainly carry water in Jerry can) two fowls (Chickens), a bag of Rice, a native goat, and other unidentified valuables.

The goat which was spotted at first in the Truck was said to have been used for a ritual purpose and dumped in an unspecified location. It attracted dwellers who started asking questions why an ‘iron bender’ could be carrying a live goat.

Deep attention to some bags in the truck revealed other of the recovered items – the chickens in black nylon and Rice.

The man who ran out of luck was immediately seized and beaten up. The ugly situation created a serious scene that attracted villagers, young and old including motorists on the expressway.

Meanwhile, #Scannews24 had reported an unfortunate incident concerning a family of seven that lost their lives after consuming barbecued meat known as Suya in Abia State.

The unfortunate incident which has received wide condemnation in Umueze Umuakanu Umuahia North LGA, Abia said the four visitors were among the victims including father and two of his kids The man’s wife and son were unconscious. Video

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