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VIDEO: What really is problem of Nigeria? other nations now laugh at us – Rochas explodes

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Senator Rochas Okorocha, the immediate past governor of Imo State demands to know what, actually has gone wrong with Nigeria, expressed bitterly on the floor of the National Assembly.

In a viral video by OakTV, Okorocha, while airing his opinion, asked to know what, actually is the problem of Nigeria, why Nigeria remains the same amidst unabated security challenges rocking major parts of the country.

Appearing so angry and explosive at the red chamber, Rochas rhetorically questioned why is there so much hunger in the land, noting that countries Nigeria helped in the past have overtaken economically and otherwise including Malaysian.

He said Nigeria has become a laughing stock before other minor nations advised that Nigeria and its leaders should know the kind of agenda ahead to achieve great goals.

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