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VIDEO: One Killed As Police Disperse Protesting Motorcyclists With Live Bullet

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One commercial motorcyclist rather called Okada rider, is reportedly feared dead after a clash issued with Nigeria Police I’m Itire area of Lagos state. SCANNEWS24 reports.

The Okada man, whose identity is yet to be retrieved lost his life to a trigger-happy cop on Saturday 6 February after some Itire division officers seized bikes around 8 am.

The seized motorcycles were taken to the station which leads to owners and including union members leading a protest to the station.

In retrieved viral footage, the personnel was seen firing live bullets while the riders respond with pebbles and similar objects.

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A resident, Idris, who confirmed the incident said the officers fired teargas to disperse the protesters but in response were fired hurled stones.

The intense clash led to police engaging live bullets at the angry okada men which accidentally killed one and left the other with a bullet injury in his mouth.

The state police are yet to clarify the incident as at the time of putting this report together.

However, calmness appears to have returned to the area.

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