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VIDEO: Most Deaths attributed to COVID-19 are false, Dr. Richard shed tears 

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The President of Doctors Save a Life Foundation, Dr. Richard Okoye has disagreed with Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and Ministry of Health that most recorded deaths accounted for COVID-19 are caused by the deadly virus.

In a video message retrieved by SCANNEWS24, the Doctor, Popularly known for his Television Programmes, ‘you And Your Health’ decried the need federal government should come with different modality to tackle most health issues connected to Coronavirus.

He argued that before the outbreak of the pandemic Nigeria has experienced dangerous respiratory diseases that are wrongly tagged ‘COVID-19′ case.

Okoye, who expressed bitterness over the death of a family friend after being rejected by private Hospitals, noted that the manner the diseases are exaggerated and handled is causing deaths that could be controlled if properly looked into.

“Jist to notify our people that we are not having a happy hour when it has to do with the Health Care Delivery to the health of our people because of COVID-19.

“People are burying their loved ones, prominent men and women in this country who are touching the lives of their family, their community, and the country in general.

“They’re being today, buried in a very humiliating manner as a result of COVID-19. Even their families that would be in the state of mourning will be subjected to all Manners of humiliation, harassment, and stigmatization based on COVID-19.

“I want to put it across to everyone today that most of the death you’re hearing in the country today are not COVID-19 related.

“Ask me why I should come up with this and why I have this reporting to share this with everyone.

“Let me at this juncture put this thing very bare.

“As most, of our professionals, also know, the most critical and the life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19 distress.

“When it has to do, the person cannot breathe and most of them will be gasping for air until they go.

“But there is something I want to bring out to attention, before the outbreak of COVID-19 people has been having breathlessness. Breathlessness is secondary to congestive heart failure from asthmatic attacks.

He, however, appealed to Ministers, Governors, and heads of health agencies to consider giving the issues of COVID-19 more attention, regards to five months’ experience so far to see how the lingering questions will be attained to.


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