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Video: “Let Biafrans go” – Bishop begs Nigerian government amidst continued killing of Christians

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Rt. Revd. Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor (JP), the Anglican Bishop of Amichi, has condemned the federal government inability to tam illegal arm carriers in the country, mainly Fulani Herdsmen.

He queried the rationale behind continued Nigeria military high approach in dealing with protesters calling for sovereign country Biafra but allowed killers to roam about freely.

Rev Ikeakor enlisted several questions demanding answers from the Nigerian government noting that the federal authority has failed to respond to some security questions Biafrans, evidently holds against them on marginalization, subjugation and hardship, which makes them be seen as third-class citizens in Nigeria.

He called on the government to let Biafrans go their separate ways as it has virtually shown that they are not protected and safe in in the country. “We are not one Nigeria, Let us go”.

Part of his statement: ” the greatest security questions beckoning for answers include: who are the perpetrators of the mindless killing of Christians in Southern Kaduna?

“How many of them have been arrested, prosecuted, sentenced accordingly?

“Did the security agencies play their expected and established constitutional roles in handling the situation?

“Why is it almost impossible for the federal government of Nigeria to curb the activities of, and tam the ferocious “Fulani herdsmen”?

“Who are the suppliers of the AK47 guns and pimp action revolves they’re using and carried, who is supplying them?

When was arm carrying legalised for these Boko Haram group?

“And, we talk of one Nigeria, and young people will March along the street as IPOB members and you will release army to shoot them?

“And arm carriers are not arrested by anybody and we are one Nigeria?

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