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VIDEO: Joe Igbokwe receive heavy backlash on BBC live for supporting Tinubu

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The Lagos state-based All Progressive Congress Chieftain, Joe Igbokwe has received a heavy backlash on a live television programme hosted by BBC Igbo.

The aged-APC member in charge of gutter cleaning in the state was taken off his feet after indicating his support for the APC presidential flagbearer Ahmed Bola Tinubu on a live interactive show.

The conversation which hosted a lady and two other men on Zoom had part of the topic discuss the upcoming general election.

Ogbokwe, who struggles to clarify how a majority of Nigerians, mainly the younger ones hate him and his party was swept off his feet by the lady.

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The young woman who spoke fluently in Igbo maintained that the APC-led administration has destroyed Nigeria regarding the quality of leaders involved in the government and party.

She continued that he and his colleagues have failed to realize poor masses do not need them anymore and will not continue voting for them in come next poll.

She further emphasized that the next presidential race will not consider party but the personality of one who can restore the lost hope.


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