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VIDEO: Fulani fruit Hawker secretly filmed spat, sprinkled strange water on fruits

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In a post, with video footage, by an online blog, ‘How Did We Get Here’ shows a suspected Fulani Barrow fruit Hawker, spat and sprinkled  a strange water on the fruits he is selling.

The barrow man, who appeared strange and acted strangely while applying unknown substances on the fruits he hawks, was seen with a strange west band.

The post reads:

Stop buying anything from these hausa fulani people. They are so determined to wipe everyone out. This guy first spat on the fruits he is selling to people, then sprinkled something that looked like urine afterwards on them. You can see him pulling up his trousers.

This is not only spreading diseases as people may think, it has a spiritual effect. The real intention is to desecrate your body, of which kicks away the holy spirit and hold you down like spellbound.

Before you can succeed in destroying anyone, people or nation, you must first overcome them spiritually. When your spirit is subdued or captured, it becomes so easy to wipe such people away because your protection is gone.

The igbos of Nigeria Must and I say MUST make out a week ie. 7 days for prayer and fasting. This is for 3 reasons:

1. Pray to cast out any spells back to sender
2. Forgiveness of sins and the sins of their forefathers
3. Against a foreign country covertly sponsoring the extermination plans against the igbos.

This 7 days fasting should be done by everyone in the entire region hoping for freedom. This will instantly unlock the chains. Yeshua is working tirelessly to set them free but they must play a little role like fast, pray and walk in Righteousness and HOLINESS. The battle going on is more of spiritual than physical.

The igbos are the first breed of God the most high but their enemies strategically took that history away from them in order to subdue them. Idolatry is why their journey to freedom is elongated just exactly what happened to them during the era of moses. Little did they know that they are that same people that were in Egypt under Pharaoh. I hope someone will one day open their eyes for them to know who they are. They are actually the real Jews.

They are scattered all over the world not because they killed Jesus as some history books might say but because of the utterance made before Pilate “let the sin be upon our head and our children’s head”.

After their freedom which is fast approaching, they must desist from any form of idolatry and destroy all DEITIES in their land and remove every caucasian image of so called jesus in their sanctuaries or risk being recaptured again. Your denomination isn’t important to God almighty but your doctrine. Your doctrine must not contravene the first and second commandments which goes against worshipping with any image or likeness. Such is so dangerous to any denomination or nation.

Secondly, make out a day of atonement and remembrance every year. This will be to pray for forgiveness of sin, feast and celebrate the renunciation of idols and new relationship with Yeshua.

Please share quickly and get this message across. Its was sent to us by a man that call himself “The voice crying from the wilderness”

See video:

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