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VIDEO: Fake New Notes Emerges, In Circulation (See Difference)

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Just when Nigerians express fear over the redesigned naira notes a counterfeit set had found way into the society and now in circulation.

A gathered news has revealed that few days after the Apex financial institution, Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, pushed the N200, N500 and N1,000,  fake N1000 is being spotted.

A sighted and retrieved clip of a mobile money and bank agent indicates a customer who transacted with wife’s Point of Sale (PoS) gave the fake copy of the redesigned N1,000.

The disturbed operator as well  displayed the difference between the fake and original redesigned N1,000 note.

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Based on the educative video, the original note has a gold seal at the bottom of the right hand side of the note while the seal cannot be erased when scratched.

Hence, the old one does not include a gold seal at the explained position near the signatures.

Remember that the CBN released the redesigned naira notes on the 15th of December,2022.

However, the banks are still making payments with the old denominations. They complained that the quantity of the new notes cannot go round the economy. Hence the need to release it in bit alongside the old notes.

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