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VIDEO: ESN repels ‘terrorist’ invasion in Ebonyi amid security clampdown (Watch)

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A video clip in circulation has indicted moment an armed force of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) counter-attacked ‘Fulani Terrorists’ within Ebonyi State territory.

Recall, the Global Terrorism Index has placed activities of the rampaging Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria and outside the country, number four dreadful terrorist group.

According to a Facebook user, Chinasa Nworu who shared on Saturday the Eastern-based internal vigilantes engaged the armed Fulanis said to be wearing military fatigue in a gun dual o while trying to invade the state on Thursday.

The hours-long confrontation resisted the huge fiercely armed terrorists leaving some officials of the ESN with injuries and casualties on their side.

Nwaoru, described as fool those ranting on media against activities of the group amid their sacrifice to safeguard the people from ‘Fulani Invasion’ to grab land, rape women, and kill innocent people.

He, however, urged the public to support the volunteers to protect eastern communities and halt the hate against ESN.

Meanwhile, security operatives in the Southern part of Nigeria, particularly Imo State have sustained a clampdown on the ESN, claimed to have killed tens.

IPOB had inaugurated the volunteered youths in late December 2020 to secure the forests farm areas against raiders raping, killing and destroying crops. Watch

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