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Video: Chinese Government Sends Nigerians Packing Amidst Coronavirus Spread

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The Chinese government reportedly sent some Nigerians away from their homes exposing them to the danger of Coronavirus pandemic.

Majority of the affected individuals are presently hovering around streets both in the sun, rain and unfriendly weather.

SCANNEWS24 gathered that some officials visited hotels, shops and many shelter coverage places used by the strangers requesting for a resident permit.

Some who are unlucky to the periodic residential check was forced to move out their homes probably to sort themselves through back to their home countries.

China has been criticized for embarking on such exercise at the period the world is experiencing crisis caused by COVID-19 disease.

Some videos circulated on social media claimed majority are deeply trapped, loitering and sleeping on the street.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Leader, Indigenous People of Biafra, Uche Mefor has thrown blame to the victims who he claimed were mainly Igbos.

He queried why they failed to present themselves for residency Permit check during the exercise noting that affected have no credible documents or failed to identify selves as Biafrans.

Mefor, who shared on his Facebook timeline on Tuesday, further stressed that if they are clean there is no reason running around, advised IPOB supporters in the country to always introduce themselves as Biafrans than Nigerians and say the truth to enable brothers in position to render help know where to start.

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