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Video: Calabar boy, one other apprehended for killing girl, used her for pepper soup

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Shocking viral video of a Calabar boy and one other apprehended by community youth for allegedly killing a girl used her remains for pepper soup.

The viral was retrieved SCANNEWS 24 from a Facebook client, Chukwudi Ogbonna, published 20 June 2019, location, names of culprits and victim were not disclosed.

In the video, appears to be a slaughtered meat spiced up for pepper soup a put.

The accosted residents were seen interrogating one of the suspects asked him where they kept the head and other body parts.

After soft beating, the alleged killed started speaking but was not to hear, we barely and strain so had to understand his confession.

But, his body language appeared he accepted to had committed the crime.

See Video:

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