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VIDEO: Biafra will be restored whether you join the struggle or not – Priest boasts

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In a viral video, a yet to be identified priest has thrown hos weight to Biafra struggle, urged members protesters to remain strong.

In his statement, the priest noted: “Let me make this clear, in every revolution, in every struggle for freedom the truth remains this: Ministers, Priests are always in the forefront.

Let go back to South Africa, we have Bishop Desmond Tutu, who stood to fight alongside Mandela. And we have in America, we have Martin Luther King, who is also a priest.

Back then in America, we have Jessie Jackson who is also a priest, so I see no reason why our Biafran priests sit back at home waiting for Biafra to come.

Let me make it clear to them that Biafra will come but it will be a shame to them because For has committed the nation Biafra into the hands of ministers to bring Biafra.

Hear more from the video:

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