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Uzodinma lifts ban on burial in Imo, gives bereaved families 2 Weeks

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Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State has expressed displeasure over the non-compliance of the residents with the federal government’s directives on the prevention of the unfold of coronavirus within the state. He nevertheless lifted the ban on burials for 2 weeks.

The governor who briefly suspended the ban on a funeral in Imo acknowledged that as a result of pressure from operators of mortuaries who had been complaining that their amenities had been full, authorities needed to enable individuals an interval of fourteen days, beginning from May 16, to bury their family members with strict procedures that should be adhered to.

The procedures outlined embody: that bereaved families would extend notice to the Local Government Interim Management Chairman, who is a position to permit stating the date of the burial; that there can be no entertainment after the burial and that the burial, which should not exceed two hours wouldn’t accommodate more 20 guests in attendance at a time together with the priest.

Governor Uzodinma additionally noted that the organisers should present basic handwashing items both Sanitizers, basins, soaps, and that social distancing should be observed. He strictly directed that the team from local councils will inspect the burials and anyone who violates the rules can be arrested and prosecuted.

Briefing earlier yesterday regarding the situation Uzodinma told newsmen he regretted that 4 new positive cases were reported from one household by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in the state.

The governor said that regardless of strict orders for the closure of the boundaries, individuals nonetheless infiltrated the state from outside. He regretted that the contaminated person got here from Lagos and later went to his village the place where he contaminated three of his relations. This, he stated, portend a hazard to these residing within the villages and must be prevented due to the worry of group spread.

Whereas reiterating that he would cease at nothing to guard the life of Imo residents from Coronavirus, the Governor stated that he can be left with no choice than to order for a complete lockdown if residents of the state proceed to violate the directives and measures put in place by authorities to contain the unfold of the virus.

His statement read: “I want to warn citizens of Imo State that Coronavirus is very serious and must be taken seriously. This COVID-19 does not know political parties, religion, language or class. It is a dangerous virus that we must unite to fight. By Tuesday, May 19, 2020, I will review the situation. If the violation continues, we will have no option than to lock down the state completely to save the lives of our people,”

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