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Urhobo Man quit Biafra Struggle over continued insult on elders, give conditions (video)

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An Urhobo man, Magnus Oraka has tendered withdrawal notice to the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB) over what he described as continued ‘insult to elders’.

Oraka disclosed membership withdrawal in a video message shared on his timeline earlier on Tuesday expressed deep displeasure on the manner the leader of the separatist group, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu derogatory remarks on the elders.

Though, he acknowledged that the spate of killings the people of Southern Nigeria are facing indicates that they are not singled out on the planned attacks targeted on the region by armed bandits.

He noted that in his capacity have served IPoB in a common interest of restoring Biafra nation despite the unwelcome decision of IPOB leader, Kanu and its leadership not had officially visited the elders of Urhobo Kingdom.

Stressing further, Oraka said elders deserved respect and needed to be consulted in view to get their consent than forcefully including them in the struggle.

It may interest you to know that Urhobo is a group of people that dominates northwestern Niger Delta in Southern Nigeria and speaks Urhobo language.

Part of his statement read: “I’m done pretending and I’m done being a gentleman.

“I have been watching Asari Dokubo always shouting and venting his anger and I asked myself why is this man shouting. I never knew that Magnus Oraka will be pushed to the level I will be shouting and venting my anger like Asari Dokubo.

“Asari Dokubo, for every anger I have had towards you I’m very very sorry.

“O have come to release that IPOB, you are a problem to this struggle.

“I have never seen where a struggle is a fault by abusing your elders. I’m an Urhobo man. I’m brought up under the strict culture of respect.

“No small child will just come, point finger at me and start abusing me anyhow. No small boy will just meet me abusing me and be talking to me anyhow.

“If this is how you want this fight I’m ready.

“Over five years I have been trying to sell the narrative of the Igbo people that people will love them. Let’s come together. Let’s be, one. Forget about you be this, you be that. Let us come together and recognize ourselves as equal, they said “No”. Said ‘dem be majority, who be we’.

“Let the fight begin.

“Somebody has to come out call these people to order. ‘Who dem think say them be’.

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