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Unmasking the faceless ‘Unknown Gunmen’ in Southern Nigeria

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By Vivian Ogadinma Nwachukwu

Insecurity in Nigeria has turned into a routine in a country where I hope to live my dreamed life as a seasoned investigative journalist, every household goes back to bed praying to live the next day.

Nigeria, over ten years and counting, has witnessed bloody attacks virtually in every part of the nation but the recent tension recorded in the Southern region seems to be in a contest with Northern Nigeria where farmers desserts farming, farmland, and farming tools for rampaging bandits, Boko Haram terrorists taking hostage armed soldiers, crashing military plans, and Kidnappers hitting world richest record through ransom from poor parents of school children.

Southern Nigeria, gradually becoming an epic center for a gun battle between security operatives and ‘Unknown Gunmen’ should not be overlooked or allowed to slip out of control.

Considered the main focus of this article, is time the opinion molders within the region rise to the occasion, organize town hall meeting geared towards restoring peace and normalcy.

There is no measure or peg to quantify and qualify protection and happiness of residents in the region f there is no absence of hunger, security challenge, food scarcity, and inflation.

Traditional leaders, political leaders, and stakeholders need to jump into action, start asking questions that enable them to unravel:

1. Who are the Unknown Gunman or faceless attackers unleashing daily raids on security facilities and safety agents.

2. What is the interest, or reason to had sustained destruction of lives and properties, inflicting security danger and economic crisis on the innocent people.

3. Why the attacks are targeted only at security personnel and government officials.

4. Where is the operation base and taking off points of the armed men.

5. When is appropriate to start enforcing agreed plans and objectives reached to help curb incessant raids, and other criminal activities posing a challenge to the peaceful region.

6. How to source logistics or funds to help accomplish goals or execute the project successfully.

The state governments should consider using another option towards the disturbing security problems befalling the state. Using the ‘war war’ approach most times tends to usher in a wrong outcome.

In a situation as such where an armed faceless group targets government, dialogue – ‘Jaw Jaw’ – is the best approach to quickly unravel the foundational cause(s) and best solution to halt further immediate disturbance and future occurrence.

Reports on different media outlets noting continued arrest of innocent individuals suspected or believed to be operators of the brutal attacks in southern states indicates bad government’s approach in handling the unabated safety issues.

Conclusively, allowing the government’s rigid approach to continue inflicting more pain on the masses than resolving the targeted issue wrong measure. Call for stakeholders meeting, ask questions, dialogue with the aggrieved group(s), and allow peace return to the region.

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