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Unknown Gunmen, Soldiers sustain gun dual in Orlu (leaked Video)

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In yet another clip made available to #Scannews24 of rampaging gunmen clash with security operatives in Orlu Imo State on Thursday, 6 May 2021.

Earlier, a footage was disclosed of the unidentified fighters accosted a military vehicle on an unverified location in Owerri while on patrol, who had a brief gun battle before leaving the area.

The neighborhood and passersby within the area as seen in a retrieved video were not disturbed or threatened rather comfortably taking free coverage despite a warning by IPOB to halt taking pictures or videotape when sighted.

However, another clash was reported in an undisclosed axis of the Imo capital sustained a gunfire exchange with men of the Nigerian army.

The unknown armed men, dressed in top and down black, white scarf were equipped with sophisticated ammunition to the teeth.

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Over two months and going, police and military checkpoints, stations, and barracks have been the target of the unknown operatives in the southern part of Nigeria.

Attacks have been on the rise since the demise of ESN commander, Ikonso, who was tracked and slain at his father’s residence by joint security personnel.

Secret abduction of suspected IPOB members has been reported in Imo and other parts of the Southeast. Opinion molder, including Igbo apex group, Ohanaze Ndigbo has called on the governors of the region to dialogue with the aggrieved youths than handing them over to the military for possible killings.

If political, traditional leaders in the affected states are not in a positive move to resolve the ongoing hit there is the tendency of witnessing more raids.

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