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UNGA: Protesters exchanges blows as angry Nigerians call police on impostors (Video)

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Nigerians in New York have expressed deep anger and disappointment following disgracing display by some impostors claiming to be Nigerians.

Recall joint agitators, mainly the Biafra and Yoruba people under the aegis of Indigenous People had promised to protest at the United Nations 76th General Assembly holding in New York regarding the continued security problems being witnessed across the country majorly, the Northern part and call to organize a referendum.

Since the kick-off of the meeting, rallies have been recorded within the UNGA venue. The Indigenous movement was spotted with a van displaying ‘Nigeria is a fraud’ calling world leaders’ intervention and a counter group with placards written ‘Nigeria is better a one’ Christians not target of attack’ ‘one Nigeria’ etc.

The rival group, according to reports is said to be hired for a fee of fifty dollars per hour ($50) by President Mohammadu Buhari’s supporters.

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A viral clip sighted by #Scannews24 indicates one of the pro-Buhari supporters confirming the speculation. The young man in his late forties revealed that he is not a Nigerian. Also noted is that a proposal of a fee was made by the organizer.

In yet another surfaced footage, the protestors were spotted disturbing an unconfirmed amount of money among the participants.

However, a video has shown the moment the angry Nigerian protesters approached cops tabling their observation said to be a ‘corrupt and fraudulent act.

The emotional protesters confronted one of the Pro-Buhari demonstrators in a fierce argument and physical disagreement. Watch Video

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