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Underaged terrorist displays shooting prowess acquired from Boko Haram (video)

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An underaged boy whose identity remains unraveled has displayed great shooting prowess possibly learned during the course of stay with members of the terrorist organization.

A viral clip probably emanating from military personnel on social media and sighted by SCANNEWS24 shows the young boy within the age bracket of seven-eight years educating soldiers different shooting positions.

He wowed his spectators after showing off primary military shooting while firing with a long rifle including prone, sitting, standing, kneeling, and backward to forward crawling.

Based on the minute and thirty seconds clip, someone who was taking a video could be overheard saying “this is a very young aged boy demonstrating showing how they move before they go on advance.

“He has been in various places like Sambisa (forest), a very small boy of seven years.

This disturbing footage indicates tendencies of kids exploitation in Northern Nigeria against their wishes at a tender stage to carry out criminal activities.

However, Nigerian soldiers deployed in the region for various military exercises targeted at combating terrorism, farmers-herders clash and banditry are putting in efforts to terminate the criminals.

In recent reposts, both Katsina, the terrorists are launching deadly attacks, abducting school children, beheading farmers and killing motorists on highways.

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