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UK sue to end killing of Christians, says politicians behind attacks in Nigeria 

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The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief, a group of over a hundred British parliamentarians from completely different political parties and from each Houses of Parliament, has decried the genocidal assaults on Christians in Nigeria.

The group yet extended worries on the heightening inter-communal unrest in Nigeria involving the farmer-herder dispute, a clash that has affected the lives of 1000 individuals and displaced a whole bunch of hundreds more.

The APPG remarked that the rampant slaughter and displacements have prompted untold human and financial havoc and worsened present ethno-religious uncertainties.

It acknowledged that the reaction of the Nigerian Authorities to a clash affecting farmers and herders had been inadequate or ineffective and that this had permitted violence to rise and escalate.

Regretting the massacres of Christians by Boko Haram and herdsmen, Jim Shannon, MP Chair, All Party-Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Faith or Belief, portrayed the act as archaic, saying “This widespread and tremendous difficulty is a somewhat novel experience for many of us in the UK”.

He added, “Shockingly for a Commonwealth country, Nigeria ranks 12th on Open Doors World Watch List 2020 of countries in which Christians are most persecuted. By comparison, Syria ranks 11th and Saudi Arabia ranks 13th, with Iraq 15th and Egypt 16th.

“As Nigerian Government ministers have publicly and rightly admitted, Christians are being ruthlessly targeted, specifically because of their faith.

“Undoubtedly though, peaceable Muslims, through collateral violence can also become victims of this cruel Islamist religious ideology.

“It is a destructive and divisive ideology which readily mutates into crimes against humanity and can pave the way for genocide. We must not hesitate in saying so.”

The APPG accused Nigerian politicians of farther escalating the assaults on Christian adding that political actors are sponsoring the killings to further their very own pursuits.

APPG claimed that for peace to be restored in Nigeria, there should be justice adding that to lessen conflict, it’s critical to each enhance safety response and be certain that perpetrators of violence are held accountable.

The group advised the Nigerian Government to seek, arrest and prosecute these believed to be of inflicting violence as a part of this conflict and likewise investigate and bring to book members of security forces presumed of committing human rights abuses or failing to guard communities.

The group also called for the institution of state police to assist national police and that traditional and community leaders, who facilitate members of their communities to commit violence are thoroughly, independently, and impartially investigated.

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