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Two Women sustain severe injury as they fell off 3 Storey building during fight

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Two married women reportedly sustained high degree injury as both fell off from three storey building.

According to an eyewitness, both were having hot blow exchange after their husbands left for work.

The eyewitness account reads: “This sad incident happened yesterday at Awada in Onitsha. The 2 women are living together in a flat because their husbands share a flat in one compound.

Even though their husbands are friends, The wives never got along and was always quarreling but nothing prepared us for what we saw this morning.

When their husbands left for shop this morning, another round of fight began and this time it was different. we heard screaming and then a huge thud and then wailing and crying ensured

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I rushed to the verandah and discovered to my dismay that the women fell from their 3rd floor flat and both of them shattered many bones in their bodies.

Both couldnt stand but i suspect that the other may have broken her spinal cord because she couldnt move a limb and her head was severely bashed and she was bleeding heavily.

They have been rushed to Toronto hospital to ascertain the level of their injuries while we called up their husbands.



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