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Twin halts his brother’s plan to use him for ritual after poisoning his food

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A twin, Onyeishi has reportedly failed in a bid to kill his twin brother, Chikemdi for money ritual after adding Rat poison in his food.

SCANNEWS24 gathered that both 21-year-old male and female triplets have experienced no beef or misunderstanding traceable to the ugly act.

Chikemdi, who is the second, hail from Ogbo Uvuru Mbaise in Imo State had returned to seek for his portion of stew (probably to eat rice) but was a shock to meet it appearing differently.

According to him, the stew colour and aroma changed and he accosted his eldest brother clarification but he denied knowledge of anything that affected the stew.

Apparently, he called the attention of the villagers to issue investigation into what transpired and the attention of the senior was needed.

Along the line, the neighbourhood gathered and interrogated Onyeishi and he kept denying but later accepted confess after many efforts.

According to the source, he added rat poison in the stew in view kill his brother for money ritual. Their peer groups around attested that had always maintained saying “Ochoro igbu ozu” (make quick money), mainly whenever they are together.

In the video, the villagers present persuaded him to test stew which he did and slump on the floor. His younger twin (one he intended to exterminate for ritual) was giving hands to lift him up.



WHAT A WORLDThis incident happened yesterday(22ND April), at Ogbo Uvuru mbaise where a boy of 21 years by name Onyeishi poisoned the food of his twin brother Chikemdi with rat poison.Chikemdi noticed the stew in the pot had changed color and aroma… He asked his brother what happened to the stew…, he denied knowing anything about it… The twin brother raised alarm and drew the attention the villagers who tortured him till he confessed that he put rat poison in the stew his twin brother wanted to eatThey are triplets, two boys and a girl… And the twin brothers were not having any sort of dispute or quarrel between them.The friends of Onyeishi testified that he has been saying na "Ochoro igbu ozu", meaning he want to hammer or make money….The person lifting him up when he fell down is his twin brother that he wanted to poison😢

Опубликовано Dat Owerri Pikin Четверг, 23 апреля 2020 г.

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